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In memory of Nutmeg.
She was sweet, chubby and adored. She loved her food and her comfy pillow and she is very missed by her owner. Our animals are not our whole life but they make our lives whole. They are with us for a short time only but they leave pawprints on our hearts forever.

Mini Nutmeg is on her way to New York via London to be rejoined with her dearest human mommy who she loved very very much.

She has been lovingly created by needle-felting technique, making sure she shows off how beautiful tortoise cats really are. Nutmeg is about 14 cm from nose to rump (not including tail length. ) She has an internal wire frame and her whiskers are made of nylon thread.

My sculptures are felted incredibly firmly to give them strength, durability and smooth skin. However, they are not intended to be given to small children, but I do my best to make them able to stand up or to be gently played by a child.
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