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Purses ​​​​​​​​​​​& cozies

Many people believe needle felting to be a new art form done primarily by the younger stitchers among us. However, it has a long and rich history. In fact, felting may be older than spinning or weaving dating back to over 6000 years BCE if some reports are correct.

Wool becomes felt when it is subjected to moisture, heat, and pressure.  Hot soapy water makes the wool slippery, and causes tiny scales on the fiber to "open up". The scales prevent the fibers from backing up again after they slide across each other; with agitation, the fibers get hopelessly tangled together. When cooled and dried, the scales close and lock the wool into the tough, durable material we call felt.

"This is amazing! I want plant cozies for my plant pots, love them!" :))

Natasa Batic

Web designer, Zagreb​

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