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Framed 2 needle felted owls

Framed 2 needle felted owls

The Owls in the frame is one of the kind and would make an unique gift :)

This 3D painting is made from Croatian wool.

These two cute little owls are hand-made from pure sheep wool using a process called needle felting, where wool is sculpted and shaped to create a desired design. Needle felting is a felting technique without using water. Instead, you use special barbed felting needles to push the top layer of wool into deeper layers.

Lavender buds were felted into the center of their body, then was scented with organic lavender oil. You can always put a few drops of essential oil for everlasting preservation and as a fragrance to your room.
Oil doesn't stain the wool so they are very useful and not just decorative.

Their feet are made of pipe cleaners and are carefully attached to his body. The owls are approximately 10 cm high (4") and can be easily placed on the branches or on the frame.

Each piece that I create has it's own character and is slightly different from the last one, therefore making each and every piece unique.

Although it is durable enough for gentle handling and storytelling, it is not intended as a toy for small children.

The needle felting measures 28 x 38 cm (11" x 14,9")
The frame measures 34 x 45 cm (13,4" x 17,7")

The frame can be hung up only.

I also take commissions, so if you would like something a little different and original, just contact me.

Thank you for visiting my shop!

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